Business Terms & Conditions


Trophies are normally delivered to our premises by your outfitter / hunting guide. Please contact your outfitter / hunting guide for further information.


Preparation costs are quoted in Euro. On request prices can be converted to US Dollar at the applicable day’s exchange rate.


The safest way to transfer payment is by bank transfer. Please note that you are responsible for all bank charges in this regard. Unfortunately we do not accept credit card payments.


50% Deposit required, before work on trophies will be started.


Balance is due immediately after date of invoice.


Delivery will take place 6-9 months after receipt of confirmation of order and deposit payment. Special mounts may take a longer.


Trophies will only be released for shipment, after full payment of the preparation costs has been received. We reserve the right to sell all trophies, for which payment has not been received 60 days after date of Invoice.


We reserve the right to adjust our prices without prior notice, in circumstance beyond our control.


Packing costs/Transport costs and documentation excluded.


Packing, documentation and transport are done by the shipping agent/export company. We work together with different shipping agents/ export companies, who have specialised in the transport/export of trophies. Trophies can be transported either by air- or seafreight.


We do not take any responsibility for hairslip on any skins during the tanning process, as well as any damages/defects on capes/skins which have been received by us in a salted and dried condition.


Preparation for the raw export of trophies includes the following:

Skulls & horns are cleaned and disinfected according to export regulations. Please note: The preparation does not include the final bleaching/ fixing of loose parts and cutting of the skulls. Capes/skins received in a salted and dried condition are treated with dry insecticides - Capes/skins are not opened for inspection or exposed to any liquids at any stage.


By law, all trophies destined for export must be accompanied by a valid hunting permit issued in the name of the respective hunter together with a copy of the hunter’s passport and a Tax Invoice issued by the hunting farm/ hunting guide for the hunting of the trophies. Should the required documentation not be supplied by date of invoicing, we are required to charge VAT.


Should shipment of the trophies be arranged privately or through a shipping agent, who is not known to us, we will charge 15% VAT.